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Why use us?

As part of our business we have been dealing in old vehicle removals, vehicle purchasing and vehicle scraping for over 15 years, it was one of our very first services we offered to our customers, we work with private customers, estate agents and law firms providing an honest and reliable service giving customers a fair price for there old vehicles as well as providing a collection service from any area. If the vehicle has not moved for many years its not a problem, we have the experience and the tools for the job.

Vehicles we buy

From an old motorcycle, a small car, a large van or a Big commercial vehicle we are only too happy to give you a great price and service, we have purchased and removed everything from cars, tractors and Lorry's over the years. We love a challenge.

Vehicle sales service

Some old vehicles are just too good to be scraped, the classic car market is growing and even an old rust bucket can have a worth, if you have a classic vehicle we can offer you a bespoke sales service to help you get the most out of your vehicle. We provide a full collection and vehicle appraisal service, delivering your vehicle to one of our many auction sites where we will oversee the sale for you. We also have a long list of private classic car buyers we have worked with for years, giving you the option for a speedy and private sale, once again organised and overseen by ourselves.

Please contact us today to discuss your vehicle, or perhaps email us adding images and location to help us with our pricing and service "

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